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Going Green

Looks like all the colleges that offer dietetics is 2-3 hours away from the new base, so looks like majoring in dietetics isn’t happening.  I’m probably just going to study nutrition science and be done with it online.  I also want take Dr. Mcdougall’s nutrition class, and Dr. T Collin Campell’s as well since I want to specialize in plant based nutrition.

I definitely am going to be taking some culinary courses as well to combine the two together to make meal plans more efficiently. 

The goal is to write a vegan children’s book on nutrition, meals, and activities after I get my degree.  

But yeah… feels nice to have a plan and some goals.

I thought you'd like this info! I looked at statistics from the Vegetarian Resource Group from 2012, and it told some demographics of who is veg*n in America. 3% of white people, 6% of black people, 8% of hispanics. 4% of people with $35,000-$50,000 a year family income, 5% with $35-50,000, etc. Guess which population had the lowest percent? People who make over $100k a year, at only 1%! So basically people just pull this idea out of their ass, that vegans are all rich white people.

We got orders to South Carolina.  WOOT!  In a few months we’re moving!

I sent Stephen off with baked falafels I made for the first time. I made it without using a recipe. He ended up splitting one of them with 4 of his coworkers. They all called me to tell me they loved it and asked how I made it! Made my day!  All the feels.



Why do people get their ears pierced at 13 I’m blessed my parents did that when I was 2 weeks old

my mom didn’t pierce my ears when i was a baby because she believed in the concept of bodily autonomy and that it was my body and i should be the one to decide whether or not i want permanent (sorta) holes in my ears?? i got my earlobes pierced at 18 lol i would never do that to my newborn/infant like what if they didn’t want earrings or whatever

Not touching any future daughter’s ears or any future son’s penises.  

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i don’t want to be a part of a college system where plagiarism is a worse crime than rape