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Going Green
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Can we please retire the arguments in favor of killing “free range” or “grass fed” animals? First of all, there is no such thing as free range in the United States (totally meaningless label). Second, that’s still intentionally taking someone’s life unnecessarily. And third, this is an even greater catastrophe for humans. If treating nonhumans with any measure of respect was profitable, corporations would already be doing it. Free range animals fed a natural diet are more expensive to the consumer because they are more resource intensive and therefore costly to produce. So buying them arguably contributes even more to issues of hunger, resource inequality, and ecological disaster. But whatever. It’s not like structural injustice against nonhumans doesn’t disenfranchise humans too.
—Christopher Sebastian (via fightingforanimals)



We are not trying to get lions to be vegan. Lions literally need meat to live. You can stop comparing yourselves to lions now please.

Also, no, we do not think wild, obligate carnivores are “monsters” or “bad” for eating animals. They are in the wild and actually need meat and have no other options. Not sure why you keep trying to excuse your actions by saying “BUT LIONS.” Grow the fuck up.


I made vegan sausage links with Maverick! He helped me roll them out and wrap them. It’s very high in protein too! You can cut them up in a tofu scramble with veggies. You could add it to pasta or a ratatouille. You can just snack on them too as a link like slim jims. Though these are bigger and I am guessing much more filling! Can’t wait until they’re done cooking in the crock pot!

Buy this amazing book with the recipe in it (page 157)  http://www.amazon.com/Fresh-Vegan-Slow-Cooker-Ultra-Convenient/dp/1558327908